Three new uses of communication cabinets in data centers

In the traditional concept, the traditional definition of communication cabinets in the data center computer room by practitioners is: the communication cabinet is just a carrier of network equipment, servers and other equipment in the data center computer room. So, as the data center develops, is the use of communication cabinets in the data center computer room changing? Yes. Some manufacturers that focus on communication cabinets have given communication cabinets more functions based on the current development status of data center computer rooms.

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1. The overall aesthetics of the computer room with various appearances

Under the standard based on the 19-inch equipment installation width, many manufacturers have made innovations in the appearance of communication cabinets, taking into account the appearance of the cabinets when placed in a single unit or multiple units, and based on the original steel profile cabinets. On, a variety of appearances have been designed.

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2. Realize the intelligent management of communication cabinets and smart cabinets

For data center computer rooms that have high operating environment and safety requirements for communication cabinets, cabinets with intelligent systems are needed to meet the relevant requirements. The main intelligence is reflected in the diversification of monitoring functions:

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(1) Temperature and humidity monitoring function

The internal device of the smart cabinet system has a temperature and humidity detection device, which can intelligently monitor the temperature and humidity of the internal environment of the regulated power supply system, and display the monitored temperature and humidity values on the monitoring touch screen in real time.

(2) Smoke detection function

By installing a smoke detector inside the smart cabinet system, the fire status of the smart cabinet system is detected. When an abnormality occurs inside the smart cabinet system, the relevant alarm status can be displayed on the display interface.

(3) Intelligent cooling function

Users can set a set of temperature ranges for the regulated power supply system based on the temperature environment required when the equipment in the cabinet is operating. When the temperature in the regulated power supply system exceeds this range, the cooling unit will automatically start working.

(4) System status detection function

The smart cabinet system itself has LED indicators to display its working status and data information collection alarms, and can be intuitively displayed on the LCD touch screen, with a beautiful, generous and clear interface.

(5)Smart device access function

The smart cabinet system has access to smart devices, including smart power meters or UPS discontinuous power supplies, and reads corresponding data parameters through the RS485/RS232 communication interface and Modbus communication protocol, and displays them on the screen in real time.

(6) Relay dynamic output function

When the pre-designed system logic linkage is accepted by the smart cabinet system, a normally open/normally closed message will be sent to the DO channel of the hardware interface to drive the equipment connected to it, such as audible and visual alarms, fans, etc. and other equipment.

3. Save energy consumption in computer room operation with smart air supply cabinets

Users must solve the following problems: Communication equipment generates heat due to work, which will accumulate a large amount of heat in the communication

cabinet, affecting the stable operation of the equipment. The intelligent air supply cabinet can adjust the configuration as needed according to the situation of each communication cabinet (such as the number of installation equipment, requirements for basic equipment such as air conditioning, power supply, wiring, etc.), avoiding unnecessary waste and saving initial investment. and energy consumption, bringing greater value to users. In addition, the value of smart air supply cabinet products is also reflected in the full load support of the equipment.

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Generally speaking, traditional communication cabinets cannot be fully equipped with servers and other equipment, because once a large number of equipment is installed, it is likely to cause partial overheating of the cabinet, causing the servers in the cabinet to shut down. Each communication cabinet in the intelligent air supply cabinet solution is independent. It can cool down the equipment according to the operating status of the cabinet's own equipment to achieve full load operation of the cabinet, thereby greatly saving the space requirements of the computer room and reducing the enterprise's cost. capital. Intelligent air supply cabinets can save about 20% of operating costs compared with ordinary cabinets, and the energy saving effect is significant.

Post time: Oct-17-2023