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Network Communication Equipment Chassis Introduction

Focus on network communication equipment chassis, providing high-quality protection support

Our network communication equipment chassis are made of high-quality materials and have excellent protection performance. Whether facing harsh working environment, dust, water drop or vibration, our case can effectively protect the equipment from external interference. Our network communication equipment chassis are widely used in various scenarios such as telecom operators, data centers, and enterprise networks. Whether you need to protect switches, routers, servers or other network equipment, we have a reliable solution.

Product Type of Network Communication Equipment Chassis

19 inch chassis

Our 19-inch enclosures are high-quality products specially designed to meet the needs of mounting and protecting network communication equipment. Suitable for installing various 19-inch width equipment, such as switches, routers, servers, etc.


Standardized size: The 19-inch chassis conforms to international standards and is suitable for installing various 19-inch wide devices, such as switches, routers, servers, etc. This standardized size makes installation and organization of equipment easier and more convenient.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Our 19-inch case is built with durable and long-lasting materials for excellent protection. The chassis can effectively protect the equipment from external disturbances, such as dust, water droplets and vibrations.

Good heat dissipation design: We pay attention to the heat dissipation design of the chassis to ensure that the equipment works within a suitable temperature range. An excellent heat dissipation system helps to improve the stability and life of the device.

Tower case

Our tower cases are an ideal solution for network communications equipment, providing high-quality protection and support. This vertically designed chassis is suitable for network communication equipment used alone or equipment in a small network environment. .


Vertical design: The tower chassis adopts vertical design, with beautiful appearance and moderate size. It can be easily placed on a desk or cabinet and saves space.

HIGH PROTECTIVE PERFORMANCE: Our tower cases are manufactured with durable and high-quality materials for excellent protective performance. The chassis can effectively protect the device from external interference such as dust, water droplets and physical impact.

Convenient installation and maintenance: The internal design of the chassis is reasonable, providing a good space and layout for the equipment, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. You can easily access your device and make necessary replacements, upgrades or repairs.

Wall mount enclosure

Our wall mount enclosures provide superior protection and support for your network communications equipment. Let us work together to build a stable and efficient network communication environment!


COMPACT DESIGN: The wall mount chassis features a compact design, suitable for installation on walls with limited space. It saves space and provides good equipment protection.

High Protection: Our wall mount enclosures are manufactured with high-quality materials for excellent protection. It can effectively protect the device from external disturbances such as dust, water droplets and physical damage.

Security Guaranteed: The wall mount enclosure is equipped with a reliable locking and access control mechanism to ensure that the device is protected from unauthorized access and physical attack.


Cabinets are high-quality solutions designed to meet the installation and management needs of various equipment. A cabinet provides a structured, secure and efficient environment for organizing, protecting and managing servers, switches, routers and other network communication equipment.


Structured layout: The cabinet adopts a structured design, which provides a clear and neat equipment layout. It can effectively organize and manage various devices, making them easy to access and maintain.

High protection performance: Our cabinets are made of strong and durable materials with excellent protection performance. Cabinets can effectively protect equipment from external interference such as dust, moisture, and physical damage.

Excellent heat dissipation design: We pay attention to the heat dissipation design of the cabinet to ensure that the equipment works within a suitable temperature range. A good heat dissipation system helps to improve the stability and life of the device and avoid overheating problems.

Science popularization of network communication equipment chassis products

With the continuous advancement of technology, the chassis of network communication equipment is also constantly innovating and evolving. The application of new materials, advanced heat dissipation design, introduction of intelligent management system and other technologies enable the chassis to have higher protection performance, better heat dissipation effect and more intelligent management functions.

While network communications equipment enclosures have many advantages, there are also some disadvantages: Because enclosures are fixed in size and shape, they may not be able to accommodate equipment of a particular size or shape, which may limit the options available for some equipment.

Although the chassis is usually equipped with cooling systems such as cooling fans or heat sinks, it may still face the problem of insufficient cooling in the case of high-density equipment deployment. This can cause the device to overheat, affecting its performance and reliability. Enclosures are made of metal, are usually heavy, and may require extra strength and attention to install and move. In addition, the installation process may involve connecting power, network and other equipment, requiring certain technical knowledge and experience.


In order to solve the existing problems in sheet metal processing,
we adhere to the principle of customer first, and propose the following solutions:

Device size restrictions

You can choose a case that supports multiple sizes and shapes of devices, or choose adjustable brackets and trays to accommodate different sizes of devices.

Scalability issues

Choose a chassis with good scalability, such as a chassis with modules and slots that can be added, so that the device can be easily expanded as business needs grow.

Heat dissipation problem

Advanced heat dissipation design can be used, such as larger cooling fans, heat sinks or water cooling technology, to improve the heat dissipation effect inside the chassis. In addition, it is also important to rationally arrange equipment and optimize cabinet space to facilitate air flow.

Cable management challenges

Use specially designed cable management accessories, such as cable trays, wiring rings, etc., to keep cables neat and orderly. In addition, labeling each cable establishes a clear identification system, making maintenance and management easier.

Weight and installation difficulty

Choose lighter materials or adopt a modular design to make the chassis more convenient to install and move. In addition, planning and wiring can be done in advance, reducing hassle during installation.

Space limitation

Choose a compact design chassis to make full use of the cabinet space, or consider using highly integrated equipment to save space.


Technical Strength

Possess strong technical strength, including engineering design team, research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities. Able to design and manufacture chassis that meet industry standards and user needs, and keep up with the latest technology trends in a timely manner to provide more advanced solutions.

Quality Control

Strict inspection and testing is carried out in every link from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing. It has a complete quality management system and advanced production equipment to ensure the reliability, durability and stability of the chassis.

Manufacturing experience

Have an in-depth understanding and grasp of the production process and technology. Able to provide customized solutions according to customer needs, and optimize the process in the production process to improve efficiency and quality.

High reliability

Use high-quality materials and components, and strictly control the production process to ensure that the structure of the chassis is firm, the connection is stable, and it can withstand various environmental conditions and physical vibrations.

Customer Service

Focus on cooperation and communication with customers, and provide timely technical support and after-sales service. Able to understand customer needs and provide corresponding solutions and suggestions according to the actual situation.

Reliability test

Strict reliability test is usually carried out, including temperature cycle test, vibration and shock test, etc., to ensure the reliability and stability of the chassis under different working conditions.

Case Sharing

A service chassis is a mechanical device used to store and protect server equipment, and is widely used in various scenarios:

Large enterprises or organizations usually build their own data centers to store and process large amounts of data.

The service chassis can also be used in the office area to support the information system and network services within the enterprise. They can be placed in a dedicated computer room or cabinet to provide various services accessed by employees and users, such as file sharing, mail servers, databases, etc.

With the popularity of telecommuting, more and more enterprises and organizations need to provide remote access and support capabilities. The service chassis can house and manage the server equipment needed to support remote work, ensuring that employees can securely access corporate systems and data while working remotely.

Whether it is a large enterprise, a public institution or a small and medium-sized enterprise, the service chassis plays an important role in helping to achieve efficient information management and business operations.