Best Selling Metalwork Solutions

We combine a pragmatic approach with an understanding of materials and craftsmanship to produce consistently high-quality metalwork with exacting attention to detail. Our precision metal products are strictly controlled and guaranteed in quality, and are very popular and sought after by wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

As one of the leading precision sheet metal manufacturers in China, we can fulfill bulk orders at competitive prices by virtue of our proximity to major raw material production areas, automated mass production and comprehensive in-house technology. We have a spraying working line, and many advanced equipments, and our factory is located in an area with low land cost. In addition, we have a professional CAD team that can design renderings that are good enough to attract your customers.

Metal products supply, factory direct sales

We are a precision metal manufacturer specializing in quality Metalwork and profitable OEM/ODM metal products supply.
Our versatile team can help design, manufacture and deliver Metalwork for different industries to meet your custom and market needs.

A springboard for creative solutions

Design custom metalwork for your target market

If you need our designs, sit down: we have a lot to discuss. By sourcing and curating the latest and greatest metalwork designs, our in-house CAD design team acts as a springboard for your ideas, creating designs for you in 2D or 3D.

Our OEM metalwork items come in a variety of customization options

The customization options we have are:
1. Materials: Metal (cold rolled steel, galvanized sheet, iron, aluminum, stainless steel) or plastic (PP, PC and PET) are all options for custom metalwork solutions.
2. Style: industrial style, sense of technology, simple style.
3. Logo silk screen printing.
4. Size.
5. Protection level.
6. Paint/dusting color requirements.

In-house metalwork fabrication to balance cost and quality

Our precision metal fabrication facility features a variety of stamping, laser cutting, riveting and welding machinery. Using advanced machinery makes our production process more efficient, reduces production costs and enables us to deliver goods within a short timeframe.

In addition, we are committed to providing quality products, so we have experts in every process from design and drawing to painting and powder coating. We also take strict quality control measures at every stage of the production process.

We source raw materials for metal products fabrication from trusted suppliers at affordable prices. As a result, we are able to produce high-quality case enclosures and cabinets  that are affordable to a wider range of market segments.

Take your business to the next level

High-quality, functional metal products are always a key factor in our customers' success - you can count on working with us. However, it's not just a product. It's about how we can make your brand shine above your peers. That's where our customization, aftermarket, custom packaging and other services come in.

Manufacturing benefits

Utilizing advanced machinery operated by experienced workers, we can fulfill your order without compromising on quality.

Strict QC system

Raw materials and every other aspect of our metal products are thoroughly inspected so that you can buy from our catalog with confidence.

Perfect Service

Give your business the opportunity to grow through our services including free design, custom packaging and other convenient options.

Prompt delivery

We have a professional team with rich experience in sheet metal design and rapid manufacturing, so we can complete projects quickly.

Profitable Wholesale Prices

Thanks to our strategic location, we are able to obtain high-quality materials at lower prices, which allows us to manufacture high-quality enclosures and cabinets at a lower cost.

Detailed project management

Our one-stop service capability, from design to mass production, packaging and delivery, enables us to take good care of your metalwork projects.