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Industrial Equipment Chassis Product Introduction

Industrial Equipment Chassis——Protect your equipment and ensure stable production

We are a leading enterprise focusing on the manufacturing of industrial equipment chassis with many years of experience and technical strength.

As a professional case manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with products of high quality, reliability and durability. Whether in factories, computer rooms, warehouses or outdoor harsh environments, our chassis can provide reliable protection for your equipment.

We have an in-depth understanding of customer needs and provide customized chassis solutions according to their requirements. Whether it is size, configuration, accessories or appearance design, we can meet the special requirements of different industries and applications.

Product type of industrial equipment chassis

Imitation Rittal cabinet

The imitation Rittal cabinet is a kind of electrical control cabinet, which imitates the electrical control cabinet of RITTAL company in Germany in appearance and design. They use similar construction and materials to provide reliable mechanical protection and electrical connection.


High-quality materials: imitation Rittal cabinets are usually made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, which have high strength and corrosion resistance, and can provide reliable mechanical protection and long-term use.

Double-wall structure: Rittal imitation cabinet adopts double-wall structure design, and insulating material is filled between the inner and outer shells to provide good heat insulation and dust-proof effect, and protect the internal equipment from the interference of the external environment.

Diverse sizes and configurations: Rittal cabinets provide a variety of sizes and configuration options to suit different application requirements. Users can choose the appropriate cabinet size and internal components according to the actual situation

Power cabinet

It is an efficient, safe and reliable device designed for power supply and distribution systems.


Safe and reliable: The power cabinet is made of high-quality materials and advanced technology, with excellent fire resistance and protection level. It can effectively protect electrical equipment from danger caused by short circuit, overload or other faults.

Highly customizable: We provide a variety of specifications and configuration options to meet the needs of different scenarios. You can choose power cabinets with different power, capacity and functions according to the actual situation to ensure a perfect match with your power system.

Flexible layout: The internal design of the power cabinet is reasonable, and the position and wiring of components can be adjusted according to needs. This makes the installation and maintenance of the power cabinet more convenient and saves space.

Electrical cabinet

It is an efficient, safe and reliable device designed for electrical control and power distribution systems.


Modular design: The electrical cabinet usually adopts a modular design, which makes the replacement and maintenance of components more convenient. The modular structure also increases expandability, allowing new modules to be added or existing modules to be reconfigured as required.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Electrical cabinets have a good performance in energy saving. By optimizing energy utilization and management, energy consumption is reduced and the impact on the environment is reduced. This contributes to greater sustainability and energy efficiency.

Highly customizable: The electrical cabinet has a variety of specifications, sizes and configuration options, and can be customized according to the specific needs of users. This ensures that the electrical cabinet is matched to the requirements of the specific application scenario.

Control cabinet

We bring you a newly designed control cabinet designed to provide efficient and reliable electrical control solutions for various industries. Whether it is industrial automation, building control or other fields, this control cabinet can meet your needs for electrical control systems.


Convenient maintenance and management: The components of the control cabinet are relatively easy to install and maintain. Reasonable layout inside the cabinet makes it easy to replace or add components, reducing downtime and improving system maintainability.

Flexible configuration and layout: The internal design of the control cabinet is reasonable, and flexible component configuration and wiring can be carried out according to actual needs. This enables the control cabinet to adapt to various complex control systems and meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Safety and reliability: The control cabinet adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, and has excellent protection level and fire resistance. It can provide a safe and reliable electrical control environment, and effectively protect electrical equipment from external interference, short circuit and overload and other factors.

Science popularization of industrial equipment chassis products

With the continuous advancement of material science and manufacturing technology , higher strength and lighter materials are used for industrial equipment chassis, such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel, to improve the durability and impact resistance of the chassis. With the development of the Internet of Things and intelligent technology, industrial equipment chassis are increasingly equipped with intelligent and visualization functions.

Although industrial equipment chassis have made efforts to save space, in some cases, the size and layout of the chassis may limit the expansion and assembly of equipment, especially in compact working environments; due to the need to use high-strength, durable The material, and with protection level and other technical characteristics, the cost of industrial equipment chassis is relatively high, which may exceed the budget of some buyers; although industrial equipment chassis provides a certain degree of flexibility and customization options, for some special needs or For devices with non-standard configurations, it may be difficult to find a fully suitable chassis solution.



Higher cost: Choose the appropriate chassis model and configuration, and customize the design according to actual needs to avoid unnecessary cost increases. Also, compare multiple suppliers to find reasonably priced options.


Heavy weight: choose to use lightweight but strong enough materials, such as aluminum alloy, etc., to reduce the weight of the chassis. In addition, design suitable portable or detachable structures for easy installation and maintenance.


Space limitation: When designing the chassis, try to adopt a compact layout and modular design to maximize the use of space. Also, make sure there are adequate ventilation holes and cooling devices inside the case to maintain good air circulation and temperature control.


Heat dissipation problem: Through reasonable heat dissipation design, such as adding heat dissipation fans, heat dissipation plates and other heat dissipation devices, and ensuring sufficient internal space of the chassis, the heat can be effectively dissipated.


Difficulty in maintenance: Design a chassis structure that is easy to maintain and replace, such as quick-release panels, plug-in connectors, etc. In addition, a detailed user manual and operation guide are provided so that buyers can easily perform maintenance and replacement work.


Personalization Difficulty: Communicate with case manufacturers or professional customization service providers to discuss special needs, and conduct custom design and production to ensure that the case can fully adapt to non-standard configuration equipment.


Resource support

With sufficient production resources and supply chain management experience, we can guarantee the quality of raw materials and supply stability, so as to ensure the production of industrial equipment chassis that meet high standards.

Technical strength

With a strong R&D team and technical strength, it can apply advanced design and manufacturing technology to ensure the high quality and reliability of the chassis.


A strict quality control and quality management system is implemented throughout the production process, including raw material procurement, production process control, product testing, etc., to ensure that each chassis meets high quality standards.

Efficient production capacity

With advanced production equipment and automated production lines, it can improve production efficiency and product consistency, while ensuring the timeliness of order delivery.

Customer Service and Support

Pay attention to customer satisfaction and after-sales service, be able to provide professional consultation and technical support, assist customers to solve problems, and ensure timely response to customer needs and feedback.

Customization ability

Provide customized design and manufacturing services according to the needs of different customers to meet special requirements and chassis requirements in application scenarios.

Industry experience and reputation

Manufacturers with rich industry experience and good reputation are usually able to provide more reliable products and services, gain the trust of customers, and establish long-term cooperative relationships.

Case Sharing

The power cabinet plays a key role in the power system and is used for centralized storage and protection of various power equipment, such as transformers, power distribution equipment, and power metering devices.

Power cabinets are widely used in motor control centers in industry. They are used to centrally control and protect various electric motor equipment in the factory, such as conveyor belts, pump stations, fans, etc.

Power cabinets are also used in electrical control cabinet applications. For example, in an automated production line, the power cabinet can centrally control and protect various sensors, actuators, controllers and other equipment. The power cabinet provides appropriate power distribution and protection functions for the electrical control system to ensure the stable operation of the production line.

Many mechanical equipment need to use power cabinets for control and protection. For example, CNC machine tools, injection molding machines, presses and other equipment need to use power cabinets to provide appropriate power distribution and control functions. The power cabinet can store and manage electrical components related to mechanical equipment to ensure the normal operation and protection of the equipment.