Youlian precision metal manufacturing is exported to various countries. The following are some screenshots of the partner chats of the transactions. The customers in the United States account for a large proportion. The partners who have cooperated with us have all praised us and are very satisfied with our services.

For example, Rogers from the UK needs to purchase 10,000 pieces of cabinets. Normally, it takes 90 days to complete the production, but the customer said that the delivery time is very short and the production time can only be 50 days. No manufacturer can help him solve this problem. Later, Rogers saw our company information on the website and contacted us to ask if we could help him solve this problem. Our various departments held a meeting to discuss and improve the cooperation between various departments, and finally completed the production within 45 days. Rogers is very grateful that we can produce and deliver in a short time, and give us many projects.

Our service tenet is to meet all the needs of customers and solve all problems for customers. We believe that only by knowing how to empathize, make suggestions for customers, and design solutions can we go further !

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