Wire Drawing

What is wire drawing?


The wire drawing process is a metal processing process. In metal pressure processing, the metal is forcibly passed through the mold under the action of external force, the metal cross-sectional area is compressed, and the technical processing method to obtain the required cross-sectional shape and size is called the metal wire drawing process.


Wire drawing is a method that uses the reciprocating movement of the drawing cloth to rub back and forth on the surface of the workpiece to improve the surface finish of the workpiece. The texture of the surface is linear. It can improve surface quality and cover minor surface scratches.

The surface of the metal plate has the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, anti-chemical agent and anti-smoke. In terms of appearance, due to the special bright surface of the product itself, in order to avoid tarnishing due to friction, it is recommended to use it on a horizontal surface with less friction, or a general vertical surface. In addition, it is recommended to use it in a dry place, or a place where it will not be wet frequently and the humidity will not be too heavy, so as to maintain the stability of the product. Metal surface brushing can well cover up mechanical lines and mold clamping defects in production.

We have good wire drawing technology, and we have wire drawing machines to process metal wires. Many customers like us very much. Such products have gold brushed, silver brushed, snowflake sand, and sandblasted surfaces, which can fully reflect the heavy metal feeling of gold, silver, etc. that is difficult to express in other boards.