Screen Printing

Screen Printing-01

What is screen printing?


Our Super Primex screen printers push the paint onto the substrate through a stencil printed specialty material to reveal the desired design/pattern, which is then sealed using an oven curing process.


The operator takes the template made with the desired artwork and places it in the jig. The template is then placed on top of a metal surface such as a stainless steel pan. Using a machine to push the ink through the stencil and apply it to the disc, the ink is pressed onto the stainless steel disc. The painted disc is then placed in a curing oven to ensure the ink adheres to the metal.

We pride ourselves on using the latest technology, equipment, training and suppliers to meet our customers' changing needs, and screen printing is no exception. A few years ago we decided to introduce screen printing in-house to minimize steps in the supply chain, shorten lead times and provide a comprehensive single source solution for precision sheet metal fabrication.

Utilizing the latest ink technology, we can screen print on a range of surfaces including

● plastic

● Stainless steel

● aluminum

● polished brass

● copper

● silver

● powder coated metal

Also, don't forget we can create unique signage, branding or part markings by cutting any shape using our in-house CNC punch or laser cutters and then screen printing your message, branding or graphics on top.