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1.The materials for making electrical cabinets are generally divided into two types: hot-rolled steel plates and cold-rolled steel plates. Compared with hot-rolled steel plates, cold-rolled steel plates are softer and more suitable for theproduction of electrical cabinets. You can also customize them with other materials.

2.Material thickness: Generally, materials with three thicknesses of 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/can also be customized according to actual conditions.

3.Welded frame, easy to disassemble and assemble, strong and reliable structure

4.The overallcolor is white, etc., and can also be customized.

5.The surface is processed through ten processes including degreasing – rust removal – surface conditioning – phosphating – cleaning – passivation. It also requires powder spraying, anodizing, galvanizing, mirror polishing, wire drawing, and plating. Nickel, stainless steel polishing and other treatments

6.Applicationareas: Electrical cabinets are widely used in the chemical industry, environmental protection industry, power system, metallurgical system, industry, nuclear power industry, fire safety monitoring, transportation industry, etc.

7.There is adoor lock setting for high security.

8.KD transportation, easy assembly

9.There are heatdissipation holes to prevent the temperature from being too high.

10.Accept OEM and ODM

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Product parameters

Product name: Outdoor power distribution cabinets & electrical cabinets with good sealing and high safety | Youlian
Model Number: YL1000057
Material: This outdoor electrical enclosure is mainly made of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.
Thickness: Generally, materials with three thicknesses of 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/can also be customized according to actual conditions.
Size: 1200*600*250MM OR Customized
Color: White or Customized
OEM/ODM Welocme
Surface Treatment: powder coating, spray painting, galvanizing, electroplating, anodizing, polishing, nickel plating, chrome plating, polishing, grinding, phosphating, etc.
Design: Professional designers design
Process: Laser cutting,CNC bending, Welding,Powder coating
Product Type Distribution boxes and electrical cabinets

Product Features

1.Use a large-screen LCD touch screen to comprehensively monitor power quality such as voltage, current, frequency, useful power, useless power, electric energy, harmonics, etc. Users can see the operating status of the power distribution system in the computer room at a glance, so that safety hazards can be discovered early and risks can be avoided as early as possible.
2.Cabinets, screens, tables, boxes, and trays should be connected to each other and the basic steel using galvanized bolts and all anti-loosening parts should be included.
3.Have ISO9001/ISO14001 certification
4.The wiring inside the box is neat and without hinges. The wires are tightly connected without damaging the core wires. The cross-sectional areas of the conductors pressed on both sides of the spiral under the washer are equal. No more than 2 wires should be connected to the same terminal, and parts such as anti-inspection washers are complete. The circuit numbers are complete and the labels are correct.
5.No need for frequent repairs and replacements, saving maintenance costs and time.
6.The box position is accurate, the installation is firm, and the components are complete. The openings in the box are adapted to the diameter of the conduit. The cover of the concealed electrical box is close to the wall.
7.Protection level: IP54/IP55/IP65
8.All electrical components and lines in the power distribution board (box) should be in good contact and the connection should be reliable; there should be no serious heating or burning.
9.The electrical components, instruments, switches and circuits of the distribution board (box) should be arranged neatly, firmly installed and easy to operate. The bottom surface of the floor-mounted board (box) should be 5~10 mm higher than the ground; the center height of the operating handle is generally 1.2~1.5m; there are no obstacles within the range of 0.8~1.2m in front of the board (box).
10.The protective wire connection must be reliable; no bare live electrical parts shall be exposed outside the board (box); electrical components that must be installed on the outer surface of the board (box) or on the distribution board must have reliable shielding.

Product structure

Main frame: The distribution box shell is usually composed of a main frame made of metal materials, such as steel plate or aluminum alloy frame. This frame provides a stable support and structural framework that supports the installation of other components.
Panels and Doors: Distribution box enclosures typically include one or more panels and doors that are used to enclose and protect the electrical components inside the box. These panels and doors are usually made of metallic materials, such as steel plates or aluminum alloys. They can be opened or closed, providing easy access and visibility.

Ground Plate: To ensure safety, distribution box enclosures are often equipped with ground plates. This grounding plate is used to ground electrical equipment to reduce the risk of electric shock due to static electricity or other causes. Air inlets and outlets: To maintain proper temperature and ventilation, distribution box enclosures are often equipped with air inlets and outlets. The air inlet is used to supply fresh air, while the air outlet is used to exhaust hot air. This helps maintain a stable temperature inside the box and prevents electrical components from overheating.

Seals: To prevent dust, moisture, and other debris from entering the distribution box, the enclosure is often equipped with various seals, such as rubber gaskets or sealing strips. These seals are located between the panel and the door to ensure good sealing performance.

Fixing Brackets: To install and secure electrical equipment, distribution box enclosures are often equipped with fixing brackets. These brackets are located inside the cabinet and are used to mount electrical components to ensure their stability and safety. The structure may vary depending on the design and use of the specific distribution box.

Production process


Factory strength

Dongguan Youlian Display Technology Co., Ltd. is a factory covering an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, with a production scale of 8,000 sets/month. We have more than 100 professional and technical personnel who can provide design drawings and accept ODM/OEM customization services. The production time for samples is 7 days, and for bulk goods it takes 35 days, depending on the order quantity. We have a strict quality management system and strictly control every production link. Our factory is located at No. 15 Chitian East Road, Baishigang Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.


Mechanical Equipment

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We are proud to have achieved ISO9001/14001/45001 international quality and environmental management and occupational health and safety system certification. Our company has been recognized as a national quality service credence AAA enterprise and has been awarded the title of trustworthy enterprise, quality and integrity enterprise, and more.


Transaction details

We offer various trade terms to accommodate different customer requirements. These include EXW (Ex Works), FOB (Free On Board), CFR (Cost and Freight), and CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight). Our preferred payment method is a 40% downpayment, with the balance paid before shipment. Please note that if an order amount is less than $10,000 (EXW price, excluding shipping fee), the bank charges must be covered by your company. Our packaging consists of plastic bags with pearl-cotton protection, packed in cartons and sealed with adhesive tape. Delivery time for samples is approximately 7 days, while bulk orders may take up to 35 days, depending on the quantity. Our designated port is ShenZhen. For customization, we offer silk screen printing for your logo. Settlement currency can be either USD or CNY.

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Customer distribution map

Mainly distributed in European and American countries, such as the United States, Germany, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Chile and other countries have our customer groups.


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