Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the modern way of cutting and fabricating sheet metal, bringing unrivaled benefits and cost savings to our manufacturers and to you. With no tooling costs and therefore no outlay, we can produce small batches that are sometimes unimaginable using traditional punch press technology. With our experienced CAD design team, they can quickly and efficiently set up a flat pattern, send it to a fiber laser cutter, and have a prototype ready within hours.

Our TRUMPF laser machine 3030 (Fiber) can cut a wide range of metal sheets including brass, steel and aluminium, up to a sheet thickness of 25 mm with an accuracy of less than +/-0.1 mm. Also available with a choice of portrait orientation or space-saving landscape orientation, the new fiber laser is more than three times faster than our previous laser cutters and offers superior tolerances, programmability and burr-free cutting.

The fast, clean and lean manufacturing process of our fiber laser cutting machines means that its integrated automation reduces manual handling and labor costs.

What we can provide

1. High-precision fiber laser cutting power supply

2. Rapid prototyping and short batch turnaround for all types of products from metal enclosures to vented covers

3. You can choose to use vertical placement or horizontal placement to save space

4. Can cut plates with a maximum plate thickness of 25 mm, with an accuracy of less than +/-0.1mm

5. We can cut a wider range of pipes and sheets, including stainless steel, galvanized sheet, cold rolled steel, aluminum, brass and copper, etc.