CNC Punching

With TRUMPF automatic presses, we can carry out a large number of projects. Our on-site CAD design engineers will use their years of experience to determine the best press option for your project and cost.

Use the Trumpf 5000 and Trumpf 3000 punching presses for small batches and large-scale production. Typical stamping jobs can range from simple square shapes to complex profiles with shapes. Typical examples of jobs run include components used on ventilation products, game console stands, and earth moving machinery.

The scope of operation includes

Pierce, nibble, emboss, extrude, slot and recess, louver, stamp, countersink, form tabs, create ribs, and create hinges.

Advantages of our machines

1. Material thickness from 0.5mm to 8mm

2. Punching accuracy 0.02mm

3. Suitable for a variety of materials; mild steel, zintec, galvanized steel and aluminum

4. Punching acceleration up to 1400 times per minute