CNC Bending

Our manufacturing workshop has a variety of precision sheet metal bending machines, including TRUMPF NC bending machine 1100, NC bending machine (4m), NC bending machine (3m), Sibinna bending machine 4 axis (2m) and more. This allows us to bend the plates even more perfectly in the workshop.

For jobs requiring tight bend tolerances, we have a range of machines with automatically controlled bend sensors. These allow for precise, fast angle measurement throughout the bending process and feature automatic fine-tuning, allowing the machine to produce the desired angle with extreme precision.

Our advantage

1. Can bend offline programming

2. Have a 4-axis machine

3. Produce complex bends, such as radius bends with flanges, without welding

4. We can bend something as small as a matchstick and up to a length of 3 meters

5. The standard bending thickness is 0.7 mm, and thinner materials can be processed on site in special cases

Our press brake kits are equipped with 3D graphic display and programming; ideal for simplifying CAD engineering where complex folding sequences occur and need to be visualized before deployment to the factory floor.