CAD Design

Our team of CAD design engineers enables us to leverage our long-standing experience and knowledge to manufacture parts easily and cost-effectively. We have the ability to predict and solve manufacturing process challenges before the manufacturing process begins.

Many of our CAD Technicians, Mechanical Engineers and CAD Designers started out as apprentice welders and craftsmen, giving them a full working knowledge of best practices, techniques and assembly processes, enabling them to design the best possible design for your project s solution. From production concept to new product launch, each team member takes overall responsibility for the project, providing our customers with more efficient service and better quality assurance.

What we can provide

1. Directly communicate with your CAD designer, fast and efficient

2. To assist you during the design and development process

3. Experienced in selecting the appropriate metallic (and non-metallic) materials for the project

4. Determine the most economical manufacturing process

5. Provide visual drawings or renderings for reference confirmation

6. Build the best performing product

Our advantage

1. Customers come to us with sketches on paper, parts in hand or their own 2D and 3D drawings. Whatever the initial concept drawing, we take the idea and utilize the latest 3D industrial modeling software Solidworks and Radan to generate a 3D model or physical prototype for early evaluation of the design by the client.

2. With its industry service experience, our CAD team is able to evaluate the customer's ideas, parts and processes, so modifications and improvements can be suggested to reduce cost and time, while retaining the customer's original design.

3. We also provide redesign assistance services, which can look at your existing products in a new way. Our design engineers are often available to re-quote projects using different processes and metal forming techniques. This helps our customers gain additional value from the design process and reduce manufacturing costs.