How to choose a good distribution box?

The role of the chassis cabinet has three aspects. First, it provides space for power supplies, motherboards, various expansion cards, floppy disk drives, optical disk drives, hard drives and other storage devices, and through the supports and brackets inside the chassis , various screws or clips and other connectors firmly fix these parts inside the chassis, forming an intensive whole. Secondly, its solid shell protects the board, power supply and storage equipment, and can prevent pressure, impact, and dust. It can also perform anti-electromagnetic interference and radiation functions to shield electromagnetic radiation. Thirdly, it also provides many easy-to-use panel switch indicators, etc., allowing the operator to operate the microcomputer more conveniently or observe the operation of the microcomputer. We understand the chassis and cabinets and let the chassis and cabinets serve us well.

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The quality of the chassis cabinet is directly affected by the quality of the manufacturing process. The steel plate edges of the chassis with higher craftsmanship will not have burrs, sharp edges, burrs, etc., and the exposed corners have been folded, making it less likely to scratch the installer. hand. The positioning of each card slot is also quite accurate, and there will be no embarrassing situations where accessories cannot be installed or are misplaced.

1. Look at the steel plate. The steel plate must be thick. If you tap it with your finger, you can feel which parts are thicker and which ones are thinner.

2. Look at the spray paint. For a qualified cabinet, all steel materials need to be spray painted, and the spray paint must be evenly applied so that it can be well protected against rust and dust.

3. Look at the architecture layout. Generally speaking, there should be many baffles and heat dissipation holes. Some iron sheets used to fix cables should be wrapped to prevent damage to the cables. Sidewall fans should be installed on the back wall of the cabinet since most heat is generated at the rear of the equipment.

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4. Look at the accessories. Because the installation includes network cables, telecommunications cables and power cables, you need to purchase hook-and-loop straps or toothed straps to effectively fix the cables in the cabinet in an orderly manner. It would be best if the cabinet has a cable management module so that the cables can be fixed directly in the vertical mounting rail.

5. Look at the glass. The glass must be thicker, and you should also pay attention to whether there are cracks around the glass. If there are cracks, it means there is a hidden danger, and you should also pay attention to whether it is troublesome.

6. Look at functions: the first consideration should be safety.

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7. Look at the heat dissipation and estimate how much heat your equipment generates. Generally speaking, there are two to four fans on the top of the cabinet. The more fans the better. There are also enough screws, nuts, etc. used to fix the rack. There will be no trouble of insufficient accessories due to future expansion.

To see whether the quality of a cabinet meets the requirements, but it is not qualified, you must first look at the load-bearing capacity and the density of placed products. Perhaps a substandard product could implicate the entire system. In addition, when purchasing a chassis cabinet, make sure there is a good temperature control system inside, which can effectively prevent the temperature inside the cabinet from being overheated or cold, and fully ensure the operation of the equipment. In the early stages of purchase, you should also check the after-sales service of the cabinet manufacturer and make judgments based on reasonable configuration indicators. What needs to be understood is that the complete equipment protection solutions provided by the company will bring great convenience to users.

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When purchasing a fully functional cabinet, anti-interference capability is essential, and it is dustproof, waterproof, etc. It is also easy to manage and saves effort.

The management of cables in chassis cabinets has also become one of the conditions that need to be paid attention to when purchasing.

Reasonable power distribution can directly affect the performance of the entire system. Therefore, paying attention to the power distribution system of the cabinet has become one of the goals of future procurement, and it is also an issue that everyone should pay special attention to.

Post time: Apr-08-2024